I was born in Rhodesia & make  -  NO  -  apologies for that. I now live in Texas in the USA and I love it.

This is me at Victoria Falls in April 2012.

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Welcome To my website.

Unfortunately, someone attacked, hacked and damaged my site in late 2013 and I got it going again in January 2014. So, this is it:


I am in the process of re-working and adding to this site and this will take some time. All of the links above don't work yet, but they will be coming as I get to them. You will just have to try your luck on them for now. Remember to refresh the page when you try it again in case I have updated it. If you don't do that, you will see what is in your browser's cache on your hard drive and not necessarily what I might have updated..

Also, having to figure this out as I go, redo everything from scratch, changing software, and learning CSS at the same time. So, it is quite a task for me to fit in between the long ours I work for a living...

Thanks to all of you who have already written to me over the the years that I had my first version of this site up and running giving me more information for my military pages. I have had many positive emails from around the world and, in all this time, only one negative comment. As far as I'm concerned, we did a tremendous amount of good in Rhodesia and made a valiant effort to establish a decent and peaceful society for all in the country in spite of having the world against us. I'm proud of what we did, I apologize to no-one for it, and want to create something here to remember the guys with whom I served, to record some of the events I  experienced first-hand growing up in Rhodesia and when doing my national service in the Rhodesian Army Infantry and to tell our side of the story.

If you want to email me my email address is: alangroberts@outlook.com

If you are a friend of mine, I am on Facebook too but, please note, I generally limit my connections on FB to people who actually know me and I don't usually add casual acquaintances. Facebook is quite a nice place for more personal contact and stopping in on someone's area to see what's going on in their lives. My stuff there is not public and is only open to my friends.

In case any of you may like to take a look, I also have a site showing some of my photography and you may find it by clicking on the image below. It will also link you to my public Facebook photography site where I show a lot more of my photographs.



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