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I am an ex-Rhodesian and, since 2002, a citizen of the United States. I am an architect and a pilot with many interests. I enjoy architecture, drawing and sketching, photography, tecnhonogy, guns and shooting, flying, fishing, photography, visiting scenic parts of the world and spending time with close friends. I am not a party person and would much rather spend some quality time with a few close friends than attend some fancy  function.

I have a passion for photography and am an advanced amateur photographer. You can see some of my work here at alanRphotography. My photography  website also links you to my public Facebook photography site where I have many more examples of my work. If you go there, feel free to "Like" it and comment.

I am now semi-retired and amd doing some part-time work as an architectural & technology consultant and you can find more information here.

In case any of you are interested, my cousin's family have a lodge and fishing guide business in Zimbabwe. I took the photo above on the Zambezi in front of their place when I visited them in April 2012. If you are interested in renting it and going there, I can give you their contact information.

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Everything expressed on this site is my opinion and, the photos, images and drawings, except where noted, are my work and may not be used anywhere, by anyone, without my written permission.